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Book Name: Agatha Raisin and the Terrible Tourist

Author: M. C. Beaton

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Overall Rating: (3.71/5) View all reviews (total 14 reviews)

Now that her ex-fiance has run off to Cyprus, Agatha decides that her Cotswold village is boring. She pursues her former intended, witnesses a murder in a disco, and sleuths once more. Another refreshing and delightful series addition.Copyright 1997 Reed Business Information, Inc.


Agatha abroad

by Damaskcat

After Agatha's ill fated attempt to marry James Lacey, which resulted in the fatal reappearance of her first husband, Jimmy Raisin, she vows to win James back. So she follows him to Cyprus where they were supposed to have spent their honeymoon. While she is trying to track James down, Agatha gets involved with an ill assorted group of tourists and is present when one of them is murdered in a night club.Naturally Agatha cannot resist the chance to get involved in another murder case and as by that time she has located James she hopes the shared investigation will bring them together. The unexpected arrival of Sir Charles Fraith and his attentions to Agatha look like driving a wedge between them in spite of the murder investigation.I enjoyed this story and its interesting background of Cyprus. The descriptions of the tourists was well done and I could imagine meeting Olivia, George, Harry, Rose, Angus and Trevor. I thought the plot was good and it was far from clear who would be unmasked in the end as the murderer, so it kept me guessing almost until the end of the book. As the whole of the story takes place in Cyprus there is no Mrs Bloxby or any of the Carsely regulars but it is still an excellent story.

Terrible Tourists and a Rotten Sweetheart

by Dennis Phillips "The Book Friar"

When last we left Agatha she had solved the murder of her estranged husband whom she had assumed was already dead. Unfortunately for her he showed up very much alive just in time to stop her marriage to James Lacey and when he shortly turned up dead the authorities naturally looked to Agatha and James as their chief suspects. Agatha and James worked together to solve the case and it seemed that James just might forgive her until he took off alone for Cyprus, which was to have been their honeymoon trip.Still lovesick, Agatha decides to follow James and hope that she will be able to find him. Find him she does but she also finds a group of terrible tourists that she can't stand. Somehow though she always seems to end up running into this group and is present when one of them is murdered. The local police consider Agatha, James and the entire party of English tourists suspects and to clear her name Agatha starts to snoop. In previous books from this series Agatha has basically bumbled around and sort of fell backwards into the solutions of the various mysteries, an observation, which James makes in this entry. This time however she actually uses her wits and solves the mystery on her own. I must admit that I was quite proud of the old girl.This book is set almost entirely in Cyprus and has a much different feel than the earlier books, which are set in the English countryside. This is a much more rough and tumble and somewhat seedy tail. It is nonetheless very entertaining, as Agatha becomes a target herself, finds another body, sleeps with a character from a previous book and tours the ancient ruins of Cyprus. All of this while she is still chasing after James Lacey who really doesn't come across in this book as much of a gentleman or as much of a human being for that matter. I don't know what will come of Agatha and James' relationship in future books but as of now I have to agree with one of the characters in this book that she deserves better.This entry in the Agatha Raisin series does lose some of the charm contained in the earlier books but I really liked the fact that Agatha solved the mystery on her own and did so in a way that would make Sherlock Holmes proud. Another plus is that the reader is clearly shown the clues and can solve the mystery the same way Agatha did but one has to pay very close attention. I must admit that I apparently didn't pay close enough attention but once Agatha named the culprit it all made perfect sense. Not bad I would say, not bad at all.

Agatha Is Hot on the Trail of James Lacey While Other Men Are Hot for Agatha

by Donald Mitchell "Jesus Loves You!"

Stop reading right now if you haven't yet read Agatha Raisin and the Walkers of Dembly and Agatha Raisin and the Murderous Marriage. You should read those books before beginning this one. Otherwise the interactions between Agatha Raisin, James Lacey, and Sir Charles Fraith won't make as much sense as they should.Better yet, go back to the beginning of the series and start with Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death which is followed by Agatha Raisin and the Vicious Vet, and Agatha Raisin and the Potted Gardener before you get to Agatha Raisin and the Walkers of Dembly.Agatha Raisin experienced a marital setback the likes of which I don't recall in fiction during Agatha Raisin and the Murderous Marriage: Her husband showed up as she was about to say "I do" with James Lacey. Outraged, James Lacey decided he'd had enough of Agatha . . . except when she can help him clear his name. As soon as her husband's murderer is identified, James is off to Cyprus alone, the planned site of their honeymoon.Dauntless, our Agatha finds out that James is on Cyprus and heads off to find him . . . which is no easy matter. Before she can locate James, she finds herself drawn into meeting two trios of English tourists. Each group contains a married couple and a single older man. It's most unusual. Since one group sees itself as higher class, Agatha is surprised when the two groups merge. Despite her best intentions, Agatha finds herself drawn into the merged group's activities.James, when located, is about as warm to Agatha as an iceberg in winter. Despite this, they are soon sharing a villa . . . in separate rooms. Their privacy is at risk, however, when members of the merged group start to meet murderers. Agatha, herself, experiences to murder attempts against her life.Much of the appeal of this story comes in Agatha attracting other men without any intent to do so. The effect of this is to complicate her life in ways she doesn't want . . . and to infuriate James Lacey. In the process of again sharing a roof with James Lacey, Agatha discovers even more reasons why this man may not be such good marriage material.I commend M. C. Beaton for moving this story away from Carsely. Otherwise, there wouldn't be any people left in the village if murder keeps whittling away at the local population.The murder mysteries aren't really up-to-snuff. You'll figure out who did it long before the characters do.I also found much of the Agatha-James interaction to be painful to read rather than funny.But if you are like me, you'll be rooting harder than ever for Agatha to make her way more positively into her new life as this entertaining series continues in Agatha Raisin and the Wellspring of Death.

The continuing (mis)adventures of Agatha

by Jeanne Tassotto

When last we left our heroine (AGATHA RAISIN AND THE MURDEROUS MARRIAGE) her long anticipated wedding to James had been called off when her 'late' first husband turned up alive and well, temporarily at least. Agatha, being nothing if not determined, decided that there was no reason that there was no reason that she should miss out on a perfectly good honeymoon on exotic Cyprus, just because the wedding had been a bust, especially since her almost groom, James, was there. Once she arrived though things began to go wrong. James was no where to be found, the hotel and the island in general seemed to be filled with the more annoying members of the British public and hot. Even after she had tracked down her quarry (and was there ever any doubt that she would?) things still stubbornly refused to go along with Agatha's lovely plans. She found herself and James included in a persistent group of Brits, a group that soon developed the most unfortunate tendency to die under odd circumstances and in Agatha's presence. Ordered by the local police not to leave the island, Agatha and James decide to solve the crime themselves, a decision that makes Agatha once again, a target for a killer.This is the sixth volume of the AGATHA RAISIN series of cozy novels about the life and loves of the rather difficult 50-something former career woman. This one suffers a bit from the change of locale and the absence of many of the supporting characters. Still fans of the series will not want to skip this one as it establishes the James-Agatha-Charles triangle that will continue in later books. Those who are not familiar with this series would probably do better to begin with AGATHA RAISIN AND THE QUICHE OF DEATH.

--Murder in Cypress--

by Judith Miller

Agatha Raisin who had retired to the quiet life in the Cotswold village of Carsley, is finding life to be very boring without the companionship of James Lacey. She's depressed because James, the love of her life has broken off their engagement. Of course, he had a good reason to do so, because Agatha had not told him the complete truth about her husband, Jimmy. She had led him to believe that Jimmy was dead, and both Agatha and James were shocked to have Jimmy appear at the start of their wedding. James is now in Cypress where he and Agatha were to be together on their honeymoon. Since Agatha is wildly aggressive and impulsive, she decides to follow James and try to rekindle their romance.Agatha has some trouble in locating James, and to fill her time, she takes a cruise. On the ship she meets up with a rather odd assortment of English tourists. She also runs into Sir Charles Firth who seduces her and causes more conflict between Agatha and James. When one of the English tourists is killed, Agatha jumps in to investigate, and after a second murder takes place; it appears that the murderer is also after our Aggie, as Sir Charles likes to call her.AGATHA RAISIN AND THE TERRIBLE TOURIST is a little different from the other stories in this series because it takes place in an exotic part of the world. I really enjoyed hearing about the history of Cypress. This is the sixth book in the Agatha Raisin stories.


by Lawyeraau

In this, the sixth book of this cozy British mystery series, the irrepressible Agatha Raisin is still enthralled with her handsome neighbor and ex fiancé, retired colonel James Lacey, who has left the comfortable environ of their Cotswold village of Carsely for Cyprus to seek refuge from Agatha after their engagement came to an abrupt end at the altar.The heartsick Agatha also takes off for Cyprus, which was where she and James were to have spent their honeymoon, hoping to catch up with him and make right what went wrong. Along the way, Sir Charles Fraith turns up and creates an interesting diversion for her. Unfortunately, by the time she meets up with James, she has also met up with a party of British tourists, and when one of them dies under mysterious circumstances, once again, she and James, as well as that entire party of tourists, are all suspects.Of course, Agatha and James, despite their differences, once again team up to do some amateur sleuthing. Stung by James' observation that her previous sleuthing successes have been due solely to some happenstance bumbling, Agatha is determined to prove him wrong and show that she has the right stuff. When a second murder occurs, however, Agatha should be afraid, very afraid.While I enjoyed this book, I did not enjoy it a much as the others, as I missed the goings on in the village of Carsely, which is part of the charm of the series. Still, fans of Agatha will definitely want to read this one, as the life and loves of Agatha Raisin are something they will not want to miss.

A Tour of Murder!

by L Smith "acozylover"

In this 6th book in the Agatha Raisin series, Agatha decides to take a trip to Cyprus to track down one-time fianc', James Lacey, who took off after their disastrous almost marriage. Instead of enjoying a romantic reunion with James, they witness a murder of a fellow tourist. Staying in their rented "honeymoon" cottage, Agatha and James work together to solve the murder, but not before the killer strikes again.This book was harder to get into than several of the other in the series. Overall, this series is one of my favorites in the cozy genre, and I was a bit disappointed in this offering. Agatha is portrayed as desperate for James' affections, and although I like her vulnerability, I could easily see why James becomes annoyed with her. With that said, I would still highly recommend this book as a part of the series since it has a decent mystery and an interesting setting.The first book in the series is "Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death". Enjoy!

Was disappointed!!!!

by Mac Blair "Mac Blair"

The story line is well explained above so will just commit on my thoughts. I did not enjoy this book as well as the others. Agatha and James move on to Cyprus and leave the friendly place of Carsely. I have come to like the local characters in Carsely and missed them being in the book. The conflict between Agatha and James is beginning to remind me of a "Soap" on TV and I don't like that. I also can do without Charles, he is a pain, in my openion. Hopefully Ms. Beaton will move the next book back to Carsely and the people I have come to like.

Vacation murders plague Agatha

by Michelle Boytim

The 6th book in the Agatha Raisin series has Agatha heading off to Cyprus in search of James. While searching for him, she takes a day cruise and meets an odd group of British tourists: 3 upper crusts, and 3 working/middle class. The groups seem unlikely to get along, but for some reason hit it off and begin spending time together. After finding James, the two join this unusual group of tourists, and at an after dinner disco, are shocked to find that one of the group, Rose, is murdered on the dance floor. Agatha and James cannot resist getting involved in the case, and as time goes on, the bodies begin to pile up. I didn't connect with this one as much as the prior books in the series. It could have been the location, but more so that both Agatha and James are not "themselves" in this volume of the series. Agatha has an unexpected fling, and James is generally unpleasant and prickly. Hopefully the next installment will get things back on a more even footing.

One of my favorites in the series so far.

by MLPlayfair

We get to go along on vacation with Agatha and James to the warm, inviting island of Crete. But they aren't really together -- or are they? Their relationship has more ups and downs than a roller coaster! And how does that other vacationer from the Cotswolds fit in? And somebody was murdered -- but everybody keeps partying. What are the relationships of all these terrible tourists? This is a nice entry in the Agatha series. And I'm grateful for the nice, warm vacation.

Come On Agatha, James Really Is Trying

by Nancy "Stepfordmomto2"

With Jimmy Raisin now dead and James Lacey hightailing it away from their wedding, Agatha is aghast that James would leave for their intended honeymoon destination without her. It was just a misunderstanding that she really was not a widow, but Agatha knows she can make amends if James would just give her a chance. Therefore, off to Cyprus and God willing she will get her man, but first she has to find him.Agatha finally meets up with a very cold and brusque James and they are quickly drawn into a group of Europeans that somehow involve Agatha in yet another mystery. With the help of an old friend Sir Charles Fraith, one that Agatha really should avoid but yet makes for a very interesting twist to anger James, Agatha continues her investigation into not one but now two murder mysteries, which at times has Agatha in danger of losing her own life.Though not a very imaginative book, the Agatha saga has me following story after story just to see what lie Agatha will tell next and how she will get herself of out her next sticky situation.The one endearing part of this book is a very interesting conversation between Agatha and James when he explains his conflict with her and for the first time I see James really opening up. Now if only Agatha could see it that way and stop throwing Charles in his face.

A Rocky Raisin Road Still Delivers

by showbizdavid

I tend to agree with those critical of this book, yet for some curious reason (the author's skill, must be) I ended up enjoying it; I wanted to see Agatha hook up with sly Charles. I got hooked on the Raisins from Quiche, and am reading them in order forward, and this was my latest. I love the settings in the Cotswolds,, the author's great humor (including her sly digs at English cuisine, such as it precariously is), Agatha's struggle with middle age and romance, what little there is for her. But here, she comes off as pitiful -- the plotting incredibly unbelievable, chasing after James, the jerk, in so groveling a manner. And that marks the worst bump in the Raisin road for me so far. But, by the end, I found the book quite satisfying, so I read on. I do wonder if I will make it to the end of the series; so far, on balance, M.C. Beaton's prose is deliciously delightful, and something keeps me coming back to her intriguing, warm and humorous world.

Not As Good as Some of the Others

by S. Schwartz "romonko"

I don't think that this book is terrible, but it surely was not nearly as good as some of the others I've read in the series. It is rather disjointed, and even the murders (there are two) seem contrived. The denouement didn't make much sense either. But the biggest disappointment is Agatha's fascination with the odious James. I wish Ms. Beaton would take him out of the storyline actually. I quite enjoyed Sir Charles Firth, and I think he would be a better romantic interest for her than cold and hard James. The setting in Cyprus was interesting. I will continue to read the series, and hopefully we get back to the funny Agatha again. I also want the quaint citizens from her English village in the story.

Another Good Agatha Book

by Tess

Very good, but Quiche of Death is still my favorite. Agatha is always unlucky in love and I'm always rooting for her to find Mr. Right. Beaton creates her characters splendily and makes me either love them or hate them. I was not especially fond of the setting of this book - Cyprus - and would rather read about the Cotswolds and the other rural villages in England.

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