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Book Name: Sahara (Dirk Pitt Adventure)

Author: Clive Cussler

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Overall Rating: (3.64/5) View all reviews (total 11 reviews)

Cussler's ( Raise the Titanic ) durable hero Dirk Pitt returns with Al Giordino, his amiable hulk of a sidekick, to save mankind from a greedy industrialist in cahoots with a despot and to solve a few historical riddles along the way. Dirk meets beautiful Eva Rojas, a World Health Organization team member inspecting a mysterious epidemic that has struck in the Sahara, when he interrupts an attempt on her life. Then the National Underwater and Marine Agency sends Pitt and Giordino up the Niger on a gunboat to find the source of a toxin that causes red tide organisms to reproduce out of control, threatening to poison the oceans and deplete the earth's oxygen supply. The pairalso in next sentence is captured by evil billionaire Yves Massarde and Mali's tyrannical despot Gen. Kazim, but they escape to find the source of the pollution at Fort Foreau, Massarde's desert toxic waste factory that receives--but doesn't dispose of--nuclear and chemical wastes. Recaptured, Pitt and Giordino are sent to Kazim's desert slave camp, where they find Eva and her team--marked for death. A deadly trek across the Sahara is their only hope. Cussler champions ecological issues with verve, and continues his love affair with history by tossing in a Confederate ironside stranded in the Sahara near the remains of an aviatrix lost during the '30s. Some judicious cutting might have improved the narrative, but it's great fun nonetheless, putting Beau Geste swashbucklers against the vilest of villains. Major ad/promo; Literary Guild super release; Doubleday Book Club alternate; author tour.Copyright 1992 Reed Business Information, Inc.--This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.


Review of the abridged audio cassette of "Sahara"

by Amazon Customer "brc4"

The audio cassette of "Sahara" was so bad, in my opinion, that it does not deserve a review from someone of my caliber.My wife and I put it in the car when we went on an overnighter to get away from the kids a week or so ago. We listened to it for about 20 minutes into the drive and then shut it off, it was so lame.I finished it a while later on my commute to and from work. After having finished it, all I can say is that I am glad I do not have to listen to Tom Wompat try and sound like the sexy Eva Rojas anymore, it was almost nauseating.This is my second Clive Cussler book in the last month and I have to say he is not as good as I remember him. I remember really liking "Treasure" quite a few years ago when I was still a kid.I have now listened to "Sahara" and have read "Shock Wave" in the last month and both have been so unbelievable that they were actually funny at times.

Ships in the Sahara?

by Holff

Another Dirk Pitt adventure which entertains and astounds the reader. I saw the movie first and was disappointed to see the departure from the story after reading the book. I was looking forward to the literary description of events in the movie to find they were not there. But as they say, the book is better than the movie, and it is true for Sahara. I have read every book in order to this point and have not been let down yet. Thankfully Cussler has not fallen into the Clancy trap of repeating storylines with minor adjustments. Hopefully it continues.

Interesting, Long, Action-Filled, and Corny

by Ignatious Valve

I. INTERESTING- There is some history in this book. How can you tie in the civil war, aviation history, deadly epidemics and present day Saharan Africa? Clive Cussler does it, and I found it very interesting. By no means is this a historical novel, and the drive of the story is adventure, not history. But I appreciated the research that the author did to enhance the story. Apparently the author has led an exciting life deeply rooted in history, and he puts his experience in and passion for history in this story.II. LONG- The book is long. Some books are long because of the number of pages. But this book is long for other reasons. I quickly grew tired of the story, and stories like these are often very predictable. The story is long as well because of the female character. Her relationship with Dirk Pitt is as believable as the ridiculous story line.III. ACTION FILLED- This book is packed with action. Sometimes the action is clever- other times it is disappointingly foreseeable. The story is not plot-driven, it is not character-driven, the story is clearly driven by the action.IV. CORNY- While reading this book, I couldn't help but remember by childhood days, reading the Hardy Boys. Every Hardy Boys story had the same exact story line, with just different circumstances, people and places. This book followed the same, easy to predict story line. Adding to the corniness is the implausibility of the story, Dirk defies the odds about 12 too many times. This is the sacrifice the author has to make in order to have fun, fast adventure.I don't regret reading Sahara, but I probably will not read another Cussler book again. Following the book, the 2005 movie is heavy in action, but light in plot.

Fabulous as ever

by ilmk "ilmk"

My Grandad got me into Cussler. I'd eagerly wait for him to finish the latest installment, so I could then read it.Now I can buy my own copy and with Sahara, Cussler is as brilliant as ever. Dirk foils a plot to wipe out all sea life, rescues the beautiful Eva Rojas and takes on a bunch of cannibals. It is all delivered with the direct panache of all Cussler novels and even though you know it's all going to end well, its how Dirk achieves it that makes it so much fun. A true thriller.

Best read in its genre...ever

by J. Adams "truthseeker"

This is a beautifully written yarn that makes the unbelievable seem somehow plausible. I absolutely love this story.If you have friends that rave about Clive Cusslers books, read this book and understand why.

Pitt's in GOOD form in this adventure...

by Jeff Edwards "RadioJeff"

I'm a lifelong Cussler fan since the late 70's when I first read 'Raise The Titanic' and felt (and still feel) that it was one of the best adventure stories written. Cussler seems to never write a bad story...however some are just better than others. 'Sahara' is one such story. From the opening pages when a Confederate Ironclad takes on a mysterious guest and set's sail to places unknown...to the deadly plague seeping into the ocean off the coast of Africa threatening to destroy all sea life... to a really nasty bad guy (who really get's what is coming to him ala Pitt's fiendish imagination...) this has just about anything and everything an adventure novel should have. I read somewhere recently that Cussler isn't the Sultan of Suspense, he's the Emperor of Action and I'd have to agree. Swift plotting with a cast of characters you just GOTTA like and a story worthy of Cussler's best. I particularly enjoyed Pitt & Giordino's travails through the desert near death, and their discovery there. As a true Dirk Pitt fan, I urge you to get to know this guy. Bigger, better and more creative than James Bond, Pitt is more like a cross between Bond & an ocean-going Indiana Jones. You get the best of nifty gadgets plus the swashbuckling adventure that makes Indiana Jones so fun--it's ALL HERE and in abundance, too. Another discovery in the desert is also worth the price of the book, too. 'Sahara' is a fantastic fun yarn and one YOU need to take as soon as possible. Trust me, you'll be glad you did.

exciting read

by Matthew Ptak

One of the best Cussler books I have read. Great fun to read.

Solidly enjoyable

by M "Delicious Strawberry"

This is the first Clive Cussler book I have ever read. Reading some of the reviews, I see some people didn't like this book, but I actually enjoyed this book a lot. I had been going through the bargain bin of books at the local store and found this book as a marked-down paperback. I read the back of the book and it sounded interesting, so I picked it up. And I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.Yes, a certain suspension of disbelief is required to enjoy this book, especially the part with Abraham Lincoln. But overall the story is well-paced, the characters fun, and the action interesting. There's just so much great stuff going on, I really did love this book. It might not be for everyone, but if you're looking for an action and adventure book with colorful characters, fun scenes, and some pretty cool historical trivia, you should enjoy this book. I give it a solid 4.5/5 stars.

Not Great Literature - But Fun

by Melissa McCauley

Clive Cussler's novels are hokey and weird..... but I'm addicted. Where else can you get a shoot-em-up adventure and a way-over-the-top James Bond-esque hero combined with oceanography, history, and archeology? The plot of this one makes you wonder what Mr. Cussler was smoking, but is still delightfully entertaining. Abe Lincoln's body is resting on a Confederate ironclad in the middle of the Sahara desert and only Dirk Pitt can save the day and stop the rich industrialist polluting the oceans.

Bad...really bad

by mrliteral

The last time I read Clive Cussler was around twenty years ago, and the experience had not exactly had me wanting to read more. Time, however, dulls the memory, and I'm a different reader than I once was. When I had the opportunity to read Sahara, therefore, I was hopeful that the reading experience would be pleasant; alas, such hopes were to be crushed. Sahara is not a good book, and reading it, I wonder exactly what makes Cussler such a popular author; maybe it's his exotic locales and his almost non-stop action; it certain isn't his ability to write.Sahara begins with a pair of prologues, the first dealing with a Confederate warship disappearing at the end of the Civil War, the second focusing on a female pilot crashing in the Sahara back in the 1930s. We then go to modern times, where Dirk Pitt is called in to investigate a toxic waste runoff that threatens a biological catastrophe that could kill all humanity. Standing in his way is an evil dictator in Mali who is almost cartoonish in his cruelty and an equally vicious billionaire. Pitt's adventures will lead him throughout the Sahara in a series of adventures that bring him closer to the truth while battling soldiers and the hostile desert.What about the prologue material? It turns out to have almost nothing to do with the main story. The crashed plane is a mere plot device to rescue characters at an opportune moment, and the lost ship contributes even less, only really reappearing in something of an epilogue, in which we get some ludicrous distortion of history. In literary terms, one is a deus ex machina, the other a non sequitir, and any time either one of these appears in a story, it is a substantial weakness. With both, you have truly bad writing.The characters themselves are stiff and generally one-dimensional. The villains are laughable clichés and many of the heroes are little better, and between pure good and pure evil there is a Sahara of sorts with no one to be found. Then there is Dirk Pitt. A godlike man who never flinches from danger and always prevails. Even when we are not seeing him beat the odds, we are having other characters praise him.There is enough cheesy dialogue to open a deli, but on the plus side, Cussler does have a decent (though not great) ability to describe settings, and his action sequences are often interesting if not really exciting. Unfortunately, the chief virtue in this book is to make other books seem better in comparison. For those who think I'm being overly hostile, read the far superior adventure stories of authors such as Wilbur Smith, Ken Follett or even Jon Land. There are better authors out there; if Sahara is typical Clive Cussler, I strongly recommend skipping his books and going elsewhere.

Adventure in the desert

by Mr. Lu.

This is Clive Cussler, his books are far fetched, incredible and over the top. But they are also a lot of fun, if you adjust your expectations a little bit. They are adventure romps where the good guys (Mr Dirk Pitt in this case) can take anything and solve any riddle (and always get the girl in the process).Reading this will not increase your IQ or expand your literary horizons, but it will provide a few hours of entertainment.Most of Cussler books are similar, so if you must read one, Sahara is one of the best.

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