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Book Name: Miss Marple's Final Cases

Author: Agatha Christie

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'When it all becomes clear as day, the reader can only say, "Now why didn't I think of that?" But he never does. Miss Christie at her best.' Springfield Republican


Nine stories

by Damaskcat

This is a collection of nine short stories, one of which does not feature Miss Marple. I always think crime short stories must be one of the most difficult genres to write as there is not space to develop character or show a police investigation.These stories make use of someone telling a story - often to Miss Marple. In one case it is her doctor who writes a story and gives it to her to cheer her up when she's feeling down. Naturally she works out what has happened.I enjoyed all these stories and was particularly taken with `The Dressmaker's Doll', which is really quite spooky and the reader gets a real sense of the possibly evil propensities of the doll concerned. I also liked the last story in the collection - `Greenshaw's Folly' which features a particularly ingenious murder.

Love Miss Christie's work

by D. E. Shenk "Book reader"

Another of her wonderful works and I always enjoy them. They are the kind of stories that make good reading over and over.

Review of Kindle Version

by Giant Panda

The Kindle version has 9 stories instead of 8. They add "Greenshaw's Folly" from "Adventures of the Christmas Pudding". It also has additional material about Miss Marple novels. I enjoyed several of the stories, such as "Sanctuary", but found others to be absurd. The "Dressmaker's Doll" and "In a Mirror Darkly" where really about the supernatural, quite unlike what I come to expect from Agatha Christie, where the supernatural always ends up having a logical explanation. I was waiting in both cases for Poirot or Miss Marple to come in and explain it, but both stories end abruptly leaving many questions unanswered.

Never fails to satisfy

by Josephnatdog "Bookwormjr"

Since Agatha Christie is one of my favourite authors, there is nothing I can say that will do her work justice!! She is amazing and also gives us an insight into the early 20th century Britain. She is a first class writer and keeps her readers engrossed, never fails to satisfy.

Miss Marple's Final Cases: And Two Other Stories

by mysteryreader

I have always been a fan of the Miss Marple stories and this is a good addition to my collection of reading.

Wonderful Miss Marple short stories

by S. Schwartz "romonko"

No one can do characterizations like Dame Christie, and she can even do these remarkably well within the confines of a short story. This little book of Miss Marple short stories is a wonderful cap to the entire Miss Marple series. I had read some of them individually, but there were some I had not read before, and I enjoyed them all. My own particular favourite though was "The Case of the Perfect Maid" (an oxymoron if there ever was one). It is remarkable how Ms. Christie can typecast each of her wonderful characters so quickly, and provide us with tricky and intricate mysteries at the same time.

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