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Book Name: Without Remorse

Author: Tom Clancy

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Clancy shows how an ordinary man crossed the lines of justice and morality to become the CIA legend Mr. Clark.


Gripping to the Last Page!

by 10kbizarredad "mockingbird73"

After reading Red Rabbit last year, I've decided to read all of the Jack Ryan books in storyline chronological order. This is set in the late 1960's, early 1970's. All I can say is WOW! I'm ready to read more.

Not What I Expected

by Adam Dukovich "colts_19"

Normally, I expect stories by Tom Clancy to be about combat, but this book didn't center on that, surprisingly. This book centered on John Kelly, an ex-Navy SEAL grieving the accidental death of his wife. He finds a new love, but she is killed by druggies. So, he takes it upon himself to avenge her death by becoming a vigilante and taking out the street scum and trying to find the killers. There is a respite when Kelly goes on an operation in Vietnam, which fails, but all of the subplots are tied together nicely and the action never ends. I couldn't turn the pages fast enough.It has parallels to such great works as Heart of Darkness, and is not bad.

Clancy's best book...

by Amazon Customer

If you haven't reas WITHOUT REMORSE yet, then you don't really understand how good of a writer Clancy is.Set during the early '70s, this novel is the backsttory for John Kelly AKA Clark, the CIA operative who figures extensively throughout Clancy's Jack Ryan series. As much a morality play as adventure, this book explores Clark's life from happily-married Navy veteran to CIA operative. Clark battles his demons, both real and imaginary until he is forced by circumstance to risk it all.The book is technically accurate, and excellent in both character and plot development. It's a page turner and never predictable. I've reread it several times and continue to enjoy the nunaces that escape one on a first read. It would be a great movie if Hollywood wouldn't butcher it like, say, SUM OF ALL FEARS.You won't regret buying it.

Drug- pushers are for shooting

by andris virsnieks

Tough combat vetran kills drug-pushers left and right, because they killed his girl friend. In between killing gangsters at home he slips (actually swims) into North Vietnam to help save the lives of American POWs.I had to read this big book to the end to find in what creative way he kills off all the pushers, but I could only do it by skiping and skiming over and through detailed build-up that was just too long and slow for me.I prefer, for example, Dan Brown's more concise method of crafting thillers -- due to this prefrence of mine -- I take one star away from Mr. Clancy.

Loved It!

by Anthony Agbay

Without Remorse is a action/thriller during the Vietnam War. The book is filled with twists and turns at every corner. You'll find yourself flying across oceans, on ships, underwater, or in the big city. It will keep your attention and you will not want to put it down.The takes place in America and Vietnam. The book follows the life of John Clark, a Vietnam War veteran whose wife just died in a deadly automotive accident. He will meet new people from around the world and do things many people will never even consider doing. At the same time, a up-and-coming drug dealer is beginning to emerge from the shadows to stake their claim on the East Coast.Clancy writes the book from multiple perspectives. This allows the different viewpoints on the same situation to allow you to see through both sides' perspectives. You will come to know the characters throughout the book and learn more about their life.I started this book with no prior knowledge to how Tom Clancy writes. The detail of everything astonished me.Tom Clancy somehow finds to includes small military words, speech, and other things that make it such a realistic experience.While reading the story, you will be immersed in the world of covert operations, intelligence agencies, and underground drug dealers. Each one of these lives are brought out to full detail.The story grabs you from the beginning and won't let you go until the end. There are many twists and turns throughout the book that will keep you guessing all the way to the end. The story makes you want to see each plot lead through. Every character is created with care and has their own personality.

RIP, Tom Clancy.

by Anthony L.

Rest in peace, Tom Clancy. You wrote books so big they could be used as house bricks in an emergency. Your plots were so complex they needed alternate universes to make sense. Your Jack Ryan is one of America's favorite characters, because he represents the truth, justice, and American way that they strive for. You named one of your books "Red Rabbit", which was brave, to say the least... You changed the face of thrillers, of techno-fiction, of spy novels. You were inseparable from the words "New York Times Bestseller", but you never lost your human touch.Not all your books were great, and some were downright snorefestive, but we will never forget your successes: The Hunt for Red October, Clear and Present Danger, and more. Alec Baldwin owes you a debt too, and we're sorry for that Ben Affleck movie...You died too soon, so once again I say, rest in peace. I now turn to John le Carre to fill your empty hole, but I know the page count is too thick for it to be filled up...Once more, we miss you, Tom.


by Barbara Lane "Audio Books only"

John Kelly's wife is killed in an automobile accident. The book begins by describing his dealing with the loss of his wife. John befriends a former prostitute who is on the run from the cities leader in organized crime. Kelly then falls in love with Pam, a prostitute, who has escaped from her pimp, who works for an up and coming drug lord. John Kelly is an ex-navy SEAL. The pimp/drug lord has a hit done on Kelly and kidnaps Pam. Though Kelly is left for dead, he is taken to the hospital and recovers. In the meantime, Pam is brutally tortured and murdered.This triggers John Kelly's vengeful attitude. He takes it upon himself to seek justice be tracking down and trying to kill every member of the offending organization.What a brilliant fast pace book. I highly recommend it. I also loved HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER by Tom Clancy.

An Amazing Novel

by Brian Hawkinson

Oh what a great novel this is. Clancy weaves a tale that is believable and complex, seemingly having thought of every detail. We get to see a character that is thoroughly engaging, despite the fact that the book touches on such a touchy subject as condoning murder. As reprehensible as it sounds Clancy is able to make you agree with him.The book could at times get pretty graphic but I don't think it is gratuitous. Instead, the detail allows you to feel and see what is happening, as well as let you into Clark's world.I have nothing bad to say about this book, only good. I would definitely recommend Without Remorse to everyone.5 stars.

One of the Best.

by Chad Jackson

This one blew me away. I started this book not suspecting much. Wow I was blown away. We start with a man named Kelly and well I can't really say more with out giving the book away. All I have to say is that this books rocks. Clancy takes you for a ride. There is so many sub-plots in this book. So you can never get bored with it. At one time Kelly is doing this then he is doing something with the CIA. I mean it is a big action pack thriller. The ending is what brings it all together to make all his other books make sence and I commened him for that.

Same formula, same result

by Chad Lawrence

This book does not deviate from the formula that has made Clancy a successful writer. There are actually two or three plot lines going on at once, that all tie together in the end. The downside of this method is the same in this book as it is in his others as well. Interesting beginning, followed by several hundred pages of less than interesting material, followed by an exciting finish. It works well in some cases, however this book seemed to lack the suspense that his other novels have. There were a few twists and turns at the end, but nothing too surprising.My other criticism of Clancy's book is the same as my other reviews. Too much profanity and the repeated use of violent rape scenes to move the plot along. That's not entertaining to me. If it wasn't for the fact that I already have his books sitting on my bookshelf, I wouldn't be reading any more Tom Clancy.

Too much of one story line, not enough of the other

by Christopher Hivner

This is the story of how John Kelly became Mr. Clark, the CIA operative that plays such a big part of early Clancy books. It begins with Vietnam veteran Kelly in the midst of getting over his wife's death. He has a chance meeting with a pretty young woman and a night of passion quickly turns to love. The girl's past soon comes back to haunt her however as the pimps she escaped from find her. Kelly is sent reeling with another death of someone close to him. He vows revenge on the entire gang of drug dealers and discovers there are many more girls like the one he loved that need help.While Kelly is carrying out his plans, he is also recruited by the military to run an operation that sends him back to Vietnam. American POWs have been found there. Kelly is put in charge of designing a mission, training the men and leading them to rescue the prisoners.Without Remorse wasn't one of my favorite Clancy books. The Vietnam POW story line isn't heavy enough and the final raid is anticlimactic. The story line with the girl and the drug gang takes up the bulk of the book and while it's interesting to a point, it also goes on too long. I got bored during much of that plot. The book as a whole was trying to show why Mr. Clark can do the things he does but for me it didn't achieve that goal.

The Birth of a Legend

by Cody Carlson

In 'Without Remorse,' Tom Clancy tells us the story of CIA legend Mr. Clark. 'Remorse' Takes place during the frantic days of the Vietnam War when ex-Navy seal John Kelly is content to live a solitery life after the death of his wife and child. When a new friend of Kelly's is brutaly murdered and he himself injured, he becomes John Clark and takes the law into his own hands. While Clark's rampage is in full swing in Baltimore, a downed Mormom pilot is taken prisoner in Vietnam. The top brass are adamant that this pilot be brought back before he is forced to give away defence secrets. Clark is called in and sent back to battle for one final mission. The results of both Clark's military mission and his destructive personal vendetta make this a thriller in the great Clancy tradition. 'Without Remorse' sets the stage for the 'Jack Ryan' novels in which John Clark is a major character and is another thrill-filled novel from the master.

One of Tom Clancy's best

by Disciple of Poseidon "Drewcifer"

An absolute amazing entry into the Jack Ryan universe. This novel provides the back story of the mysterious character of John Kelly A.K.A. Mr. Clark. The events take you on a two fold journey. One a revenge trip John takes on the local pimps and drug dealers who attacked him and killed his girl. While doing this he also plans and executes a Special Ops mission into Vietnam to rescue an American P.O.W. The action is intense and keeps moving at a steady pace through out. If you are new to Tom Clancy, this book is a great place to start.

Favorite Paperback by Clancy

by Dizzie Blonde

I bought a kindle for myself for Christmas...Clancy is my all time favorite author and I have read most not all (not a fan of the new ghost writing novels...YUCK) of his books. This is my favorite one...so...gonna buy the kindle version and see how it goes. Will come back and update what I think...

The History of John Kelly aka John Clark

by Douglas Hahner

This was a great book. Very different from the other Clancy books that I have read, but very good none the less. While Clancy's books deal with espionage, and war, this book takes those aspects and put them in the background. Shoved to the foreground is a revenge story. This is a great book with characters that you care about, and some very exciting action sequences. This book is highly recommended.

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